Earn Portal objectives

• To raise awareness among policymakers, stakeholders, and the public on the importance of investing in youth work to prevent radicalization and promote social cohesion.

• To evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the project's activities in preventing radicalization among young people and promoting social inclusion.

• To provide youth workers with evidence-based training on how to recognize and prevent radicalization among young people.

• To develop innovative tools and resources for youth workers to engage with young people at risk of radicalization and promote their social inclusion.

• To create a network of youth workers who are equipped to collaborate in identifying and addressing the root causes of radicalization and developing effective strategies to prevent it.

• To promote the exchange of best practices and experiences among youth workers from different countries and regions.

• To foster a multidisciplinary approach to addressing the issue of radicalization among young people by incorporating the perspectives of experts in various fields.

• To disseminate the project's outcomes and results among relevant stakeholders, policymakers, and the wider public.


Radicalization is a major problem in the world. Educational activities have an important role to play in preventing radicalization. The Empowering Youth Workers Against Radicalization project seeks to equip youth workers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies to identify and prevent radicalization among young people in their communities. The project focuses on providing youth workers with evidence-based training, tools, and resources to engage with young people at risk of radicalization and promote their integration into society.

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